Add the Drum tool to the Key Editor

I thought about this a lot. I am a technology BA and spend a lot of time in software making it better.
The easiest solution to adding a more click and try philosophy to the key editor without disrupting the
workflow for users who are used to the current state is to:

Option #1
1- Add the drum tool to the Key Editor.

This would break nothing, add a level of functionality people desire in the key editor and fix one
of the main issues in the cubase key editor which is that there are too many ways to get to note expression
and not a fast enough way to delete notes with one click.

Option #2

1- Right clicking directly on a note deletes the note
2- Right clicking off of a note opens menu

Option #3

1- Pencil tool adds and deletes notes and no longer functions as a select tool.
Click once = add note Click the same note again delete note
For selecting add a modifier key.

This would make the Key Editor so much better and add a level of functionality to the Key Editor desired by a lot of producers who click first as opposed to playing things in first then editing.

I would also make this a surprise update not related to a point update.