add the POOL + Marker window to the right zone!

please add the possibility to having the pool in the MediaBay Rack / “right zone” !
this would be awesome…

I use the pool 24/7…


+1, but this has been requested before:

Would seem logical especially for new people coming to Cubase who don’t know about the pool. I don’t mind it floating using ctrl P as i prefer a bigger window when I’m looking through.

+1 It would be a neat, meaning “orderly,” way to access the pool. The current window method is fine, but this would be a neatness improvement and a logical place to have such a tab. I’m not surprised it has been requested in the past. I’m sure its on the “good ideas” list.

And I would like to see the Marker Window inside the right Zone too.


And to bring it to a new level - we could choose which tabs will show in which zone, because I’d like to have markers on the left zone for example :slight_smile:


I would really love this feature. The floating window works, but having it on the right zone is the logical thing to do.