add time request

Hi there - curious, is it possible to “add time” in Dorico?
Would be very helpful for film scoring to, say, “add 1:05:42:34”, or to have a bar equal a time value.


thank you!

See How to Score to Video in Dorico | Getting Started with Dorico 2 - YouTube

If you want to write cues for different segments of the video with silence between them, use several flows in Dorico, one for each cue.

Yes but the difference between different cues and different fragments of a cue is subtle. Sometimes you truly just need to have a hold equal to a time duration.

Also, as the cut of the film changes, it’s sometimes advantageous to keep a larger chunk in one flow.

… and this should be relatively possible, no? After all if it’s possible to add a bar of 1/4 at 60 to the quarter (meaning one second), you should be able to add a bar that’s fixed in other absolute time durations as well.

Something like this could also be useful for specifying the length of fermatas.

That, too!

That’s a truly great idea.