Add to user defaults in Library Manager

I admit that I almost never changed any of my user defaults in Dorico, since my projects vary immensely in their demand. I almost always stood by the Dorico Defaults and changed when necessary in different Projects.

But with the new library manager, this is all a thing of the past! (Thank you so much for that!)
I can now safely set my defaults, and when opening a new project, or receiving one from a client, I can just quickly compare the differences to my user defaults.

One thing that would be great: to be able to set the user defaults directly in the library manager, too. Basically, an arrow into the other direction.
This way, I could batch-safe some custom noteheads, which I created in one project and want to use in others, or I could take over a setting from a client’s file, which I feel would nudge my defaults into even better results.

I hope, I made myself clear.


Thanks, I certainly understand the suggestion. I’m not sure it’s a good idea, though, at least not right now – maybe once the concepts embodied in the Library Manager have bedded in and everybody is comfortable with them. For the time being, hopefully you will not find it too much of a hardship to go to the relevant editor dialog and save to your user library from there.

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