Add Track dialog box

Am I the only one who thinks it would be easier to open up an Add Tracks dialog and then be able to Mix and Match tracks like:

  1. Define the type of tracks added
  2. NAME the tracks individually (if you so choose)
  3. Route the tracks

IOW you could have something like:

Type Count Name Routing
Audio 1 Vox Vox Group
MIDI 3 Piano Keys Group
Horns Horns Group
Drums Drums Group
Group 2 SFX GRP Stereo Out
Riser GRP Stereo Out

Press enter and they’d all be created, named and routed. Looking at the Cubase 8.5 videos it seems you can still only add one type of track at a time.

+1 definitely needs doing :smiley:



Like in PT add track box ??
I recall it was asked for previously… :astonished:

I think what was asked for earlier was the ability to add more than one track type at a time, just like in PT. I don’t really see myself using all of the above really but I’m all for including it if it makes your work easier. Can’t hurt… sort of…