Add Track Dialogue Output field

For the Add Track dialogue:

  1. Add Output Selction

If possible, add additional Output Selection field for each or any track that can be assigned to an output.

For example, if the user creates three instances of Prologue the Add Track Dialogue would open a new Output section Drop Down for each instrument track added. This way the user may add tracks and do the routing in one place.


User is able to Route New Tracks to existing Template Group Tracks. Again, to eliminate the need to route instruments to outputs later.

If an Output other than stereo out is selected, that would become the default for the next created track. Thus, the user may add, say, five instrument tracks and send them all to the Same Output, or, the user may send all five to other exiting Groups or Instrument Outputs.

The add dialogue with “remain open” and multiple additions is great, this addition to it would bringg speed to the workflow. I have no idea if this is possible in terms of the code, but from the user’s point of view, I think it would be good feature to offer in Cubase and perhaps other products were it would be useful.

  1. Allow Output Group to be Created with right-click on Output Selection. I’m not sure how this would actually work… Inside/Outside Folder and Stereo/Mono, etc. Group Configuration check marks?

Somehow add ability to create new group track and send Instrument to it all from the Add Track Dialogue.