Add track dialogue - puzzling classifications

When I add a new track, the instrument dropdown list appears to arbitrarily classify my instruments. For example Spitfire’ Epic Strings and Intimate Strings are classified under ‘Sampler’ wheras BBC Symphony Orchestra is classified as a Synth. Some synthesisers are classified as such and others such as Absynth are filed under VST Plugins 64bit. The list can be sorted by manufacturer but I’d like to be able to edit the list and potentially add my own categories. 1) Can someone explain to me why this is happening and 2) Can the list be edited?

  1. Each VSTi reports out what category it is - this is determined by the manufacturer & can’t be edited.
  2. Yes in Studio>Plugin Manager you can create your own custom collections arranged however you like into user defined Folders. Plugins can even be placed into multiple locations.
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Many thanks Raino. Apologies for the late reply!