Add track positioning option

Currently: the options to choose where you want to ‘Add Track’ are limited to Inside Folder and Outside folder but this logic doesnt always hold.

Use Case: Most of the time I’d like to add and FX or Group channel just below the tracks I’m working on - for whatever reason.

Suggestion: Can we have the option to Add the Track ‘Below currently selected track’.

This already happens when you select “create outside folder”. Whatever track is highlighted the new group, FX track will be added in the next slot below.

That is only true in certain cases. If you try to add an FX channel while selecting a Group or Instrument track for instance the FX channel goes to the bottom of the entire project.

I think ‘create outside folder’ was a bad design idea.’ Create below selected track’ is a more elegant name

mart, are you updated to the latest version of either Cubase 9 or 9.5?

I can’t repro this consistently. In 9.0.40 I think I saw it happen once, then could not reproduce.

I’m on 9.5.20 on Windows 10 Steve.

Create a RACK instrument
Click on a return channel for that rack instrument.
Choose Add FX track and choose ‘outside folder’ as where you want it.
The FX track goes to the bottom of the FX channels but outside the FX channels folder

Where you wanted it was next to the channel you selected.

Further to this wouldnt it be great if there was an option on the dialog for ‘send selected track’ which automatically set up the currently selected track’s send to the newly created FX channel and making it active - thus saving lots more clicks. That would really streamline my mix workflow!!

I see. You didn’t mention that you were using rack instruments. I would post that exact repro in the Issues forum. The behavior should be the same as with instrument tracks- which of course integrate their return channels.

I curious, what keeps you on rack instruments? Is it that something’smissing from in inst. tracks, personal taste or…