Add track | Shortcuts

Is it possibile to add virtual instruments entirely with shortcuts?
I have one to bring out the following tab (please see picture), but it seems I can’t access the dropdown menu to change instrument.

Thanks for your help.

For specific VSTs (like Omnisphere in your example) I think this isn’t possible. You could obviously make a simple macro (“T” → Enter), but that only opens up the VST you loaded the last time, obviously.

The only way I see would be simulating keystrokes, using a scripting program like AutoHotKey. I fiddled with it slightly ages ago before I was interested in music production, but only thinking how fiddly you’d have to select the correct number of “downs” with the arrow keys for instance to load up a specific instrument … not even talking you’d have to check and edit the script every time you install or remove a plugin.

Maybe someone else has an idea?

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