Add track - skip enter name

Trying to add track as quickly as possible, set up hot key. Is the any option to disable\skip step where I name a track? And I would like to not press enter cuz I leave mouse or move left hand and it distracts me.
So I am looking for how to skip naming tracks or if there is some hot key for “Add track” button on Add Track windows, so I could add track only with left hand.

Hit T. Scroll left/right/up/down to the track type you want. Hit enter. t

Alternately you can set up a key command for opening each type of track. Edit- Key Commands- Add Track - then assign whatever command you want to the type of track.

t Hit enter and you will not have to name the track.

Hello, yes, thanks, I know about T and Enter, I just wonder if I can skip enter. I would like to not move my eyes from arrangement away.

Ah sorry, I misread.

Nikhollis, can Keto88 assign the t+Enter to a macro, and then trigger the macro with a single key of choice?

Macroses can’t “press keys”, they can do actions, that are in the Key Preferenes list. And there is no action for adding audio/midi track and omit naming them.

Hi all

If you already have a track or two in the project which one could set up as a standard template, one sets up a macro to copy a track. I have it set up to select a track, copy it all to a new track, delete everything in that track and set it in record ready mode. Works well but then you would need one of each instrument I suppose which is maybe defeating the purpose. Just a thought.

Best Regards, Dave

Double click works for MIDI tracks at least