Add track summary within the Project Assistant

Hello CB Team,

Would it be possible to have access to the attribute inspector that allows you to add a summary.

When creating a template you can add content summary (this is only available if you are making a template) For reference, Under Project Assistant >Mastering, You can see a brief description to the Stereo Mastering Template.

Frequently I can be working on a track, end up using an instrument or play it in an unexpected way and enjoy the results.

Sometimes these sessions are off script so I park the ideas so I can return to those variations as they hold other idea’s and further inspiration later.

Being that something unplanned occurred in these projects having just a track name means It can be difficult to recall what I was thinking, the feeling of the track without launching and playing it.

So something like being able to add content summary would be a dream. So you could read your project summary before opening.

Right now under recent the project location is listed under the project names (also found within the Project Setup menu) which has its place.

Just wish somehow this FR could be made possible too.

Thank You for listening