Add Track Using Track Preset

Using this option, I only see The VST Sound library under the Location Tree. I’m trying to access my user folder, but see no option to navigate out, or away from the VSY Sound parent folder… Please advise.

Will be watching this. Interesting if they fixed the anomaly of Track Presets not being given an option to assign an output from the Add Track menu by removing the user folder completely.

Additionally, the option to filter Track Presets by the star rating is gone…

Wow - that was the mechanism to make your own visible vs the useless factory ones. Looks like Track Presets, rather than being enhanced, is set to be depricated.

How does a designer go from version 9.5 (and all the previous versions) of the Add Track Preset window, to version 10, and not notice the glaring mistakes / exclusions…?

Cubase 10

Cubase 9.5

Well now I have it, I can partially solve this. Top right hand side of the Track Preset window is a settings icon - click it and enable “Location Tree” - that restores the options inc User Folder. Filtering by star ratings I can’t find for the life of me, so for now I’ve got rid of all the factory content from the Location Tree.

As indicated in my screen shot, I already have the Location Tree visible. Mine doesn’t show a User Presets folder - Only the VST Sound folder. I even tried copying a shortcut to my user folder over to the VST Sound folder in Windows, and still nothing. Maybe I’ll try copying over the actual folder rather than a shortcut…

To clarify - I’m talking about when you go to the Project window and select the Add New Track drop down, then select “Using Track Preset”. There, it won’t give you the user folder option (at least, not on mine). If I add an audio track, and right click the audio track and select “Load Track Preset”, then yes - I get the user folder.

Rootwitch - by default, the user folder was missing for me too, but you can put it back. On the Add Track preset menu, go to the top right hand corner:

You need the click the grey cog icon. That gives you this menu:

Tick the Location Tree box, and hopefully the user folder will then appear in the top left pane.

Already clicked… I have the Location Tree viewable.

Ah, apologies, in that case definitely something screwy has gone on. Maybe a Windows 7 thing? One for support at any rate.

Star ratings filter on the other hand, I think that’s missing for everyone. Started an Issue on it here - Track / FX Presets star ratings filter missing - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Hi all,
In search of my problem, the only thing I could find after hours of searching is this post.
Maybe one can advice.
I have the Location Tree open and only the “Instruments” folder appears. No other folders.
So all the other track presets like midi, multi etc, I can’t load .

Here is my post about this: track presets "Location tree" not complete. Presets missing - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

PS. I work with Mac.

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