Add track where yu click!

When adding an audio track, midi track or similar, the track is added where you are at that point in the arranger window. BUT if you ad a group track, its added to a folder somewhere and you have scroll around to find it (losing the flow of where you were). With busses, this is a hughe problem. Say:

you have a project with 5 busses called Bus 1, 2 etc. And you ad a new buss… which one did you actually ad? Would be way better if it ended up just where you clicked.

We’ve been asking for an option to “add group/fx below selected track” for quite some time; it falls on deaf ears.

+1 for all tracks appearing after the selected track(s). Or at least, some sort of option.

Here’s a quick tip get put the tracks together… Use the Visibility tab (in the inspector) to scroll down to the new track(s) you’ve added and Ctrl-Click the new tracks (multiple selection with original tracks). Then back in the project timeline grab and move one of the the original tracks up above the previous track. All multiply selected tracks are now together. You can then drag them back down to the correct position again.


What I do is open up the “split view” in the project page and put my group and fx folders in the secondary window at the top; that way I don’t have to go hunting and can just quickly drag the channels right down.


I was just about to create this very same feature request. Finding a new Group channel when I have 150+ Channels is a royal pain to find. RIP has managed to do this with newly rendered audio tracks so this shouldn’t be difficult to implement. Would save me a lot of time! There should be an option for every track created to appear directly under (or over) where ever you want, in the Arrange window.


Thanks for supporting this one .-)
And thanks for the workarounds