Add transpose, musical mode and algorithm to Mediabay

In order to audition samples for a project in Mediabay (specially in Media in right zone tab) it would be great to have these options and be able to save presets to avoid having to insert them into a track, assigning Transpose, Musical Mode, Algorithm and if it does not suits I have to repeat all again with another sample…


This would be an awesome addition! +100!

Would also be nice to see exactly what db the preview is at as when you drag it in it bases the mixer volume off what the preview volume is*

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Yep, requested this already, ideally, maybe Media bay can be assigned it’s own channel where one can insert whatever plugins they’d like, including one to for key correction etc. That way, the channel can be treated like any audio or instrument channel, EQ, Compression, pre-gain etc.

Splice has this down easy. But I’m not sure if any DAW actually has this feature yet. I use Cubase, FL, Ableton, S1, Bitwig & Reason. At least on all those fronts none of them have this as a feature yet.
Not sure about logic or Pro tools though*