Add unlisted instrument


I’m trying to write parts for a small kids ensemble, and I don’t want to specify the instrument names - I’d like them to be generic (Think Easy Bb, Intermediate C) that kind of thing. Is there any way I can add an instrument to a player which isn’t in Dorico’s prebaked list?

Just use any instrument that has the correct transposition. You can change the name afterwards :wink:

Does anyone know why Dorico doesn’t have Horns in A? I’ll use trumpet in A No Key, so it’ll look right, but of course it won’t sound in the right octave.

It seems a curious omission.

I just had to use those two or three days ago and was wondering the same. Once the team give us the possibility to edit our own instrument, this question will be irrelevant. In the meantime, it’s… an invitation for a workaround.

Do you really need a workaround?

That will help! :slight_smile: Thanks.
But why have the alt and bassa horns separated out anyway; why not just include them all in the full list of horns, and indicate alt/bassa as necessary (and show this in the Players panel in Setup - at the moment, there’s no difference in nomenclature between Horn in C and Horn in C alt).
And I’m not convinced by the various horns in C: it seems to me that the Horn in C alt is coming out an octave higher, where my understanding is it should be concert; the other horns in C should come out an octave lower.

What pianoleo said, but if you are working from an old score, it isn’t always obvious which is “the right octave”, since there are two instruments (or more pedantically, two different crooks for the same valveless horn) pitched an octave apart.

The C alto does sound at concert for me. Have you changed something from the default instruments you get from the playback template?

Not knowingly changed! I wouldn’t know how. I’ll explore more and come back if I have any more problems.
And yes, Rob, that’s absolutely the case when working from old scores, that it’s often hard to determine which octave is the right one; for the score I’m editing at the moment, it is, fortunately, possible to determine it. (And also to determine which crook the composer has changed to, since he forgot to say…)

Leo, you are (again) absolutely right! I display the names in french, I suppose I had not searched enough in those instruments. Thanks for proving me wrong ^^