"Add Up/Add Down" command can't shift octaves sometimes?


I use the “Add Up/Add Down” command a lot to shift octaves when editing MIDI.
I found that it works fine on newly created MIDI events, but not working on long MIDI events? (It just shifts them up/down in semitones)

Any help is appreciated.


This is a known issue and many times discussed here on the forum already. It happens, if the Steinberg Hub remains open.

This is going to be fixed in the next maintenance update.

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Ah! Thank you, Martin!
Does this mean that if I manually close the Hub (BTW is there a way to automatically close the Hub when opening a project?), the issue will go away?




Thank you! At least there is a work around!


Cubase 13.0.30 has been released. Please, update.

Just saw the announcement.
Thank you, Martin! You are awesome!