Add Video Track grayed out ( Cubase 11 Pro, Windows 10 )

I’m trying add a video track to my Cubase project but Add Video Track is grayed out. If I try to just drag and drop a video onto the track it doesn’t let me.

I do videos all the time in Cubase and I’ve never seen this problem.

Thanks in advance.

I closed the project, shut down and reopened Cubase and reloaded the project. Still broken.

I then closed the project and opened a new project and loaded the video into that project. No problems. Then I closed that new project without saving any changes and reopened the original project and added the video without any problems.

I don’t know how fans of Cubase put up with this stuff. Between trying to solve the problem originally, searching the web for answers, posting the original question, and doing this little experiment I probably lost two hours. And I still don’t know what caused the original problem or whether it might come back.