Add Yamaha VL Virtual Acoustic physical modeling Engine to H7

rumors say FM synthesis is gonna be added to H7, while its cool, i think more unique engine is the Yamaha VL style physical modeling Engine, which can add acoustic wind and bowed instruments with better control and style then sampled libraries (or at least different ) and also can have other synth sounds that are also unique for this synthesis method .
even if its not added to H7 at release time maybe later as Halion get major updates every few years


Yeah that WOULD be sweet. How about an AN1X engine? Or some of that Reface DSP? What about taking it ALL THE WAY and giving us a Motif Engine?

I wouldn’t exactly be upset for a return of FDSP…I think with a better interface it COULD be a game changer in some ways.


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Old post but just adding my +1 voice to this. Yamaha seem to have forgotten about their VL tech for a while now, but it was held in very high esteem for a while. Bringing physical modelling, or at least aspects of it (adapting the new filters to work in more modal ways for example) back in to Halion in the future would bevery very welcome indeed, and would garuntee my next upgrade payment in a heartbeat lol :slight_smile:


What we need in Halion, is an advanced form of waveguide,
a waveguide, is able to simulate pretty much anything, like pluck string, guitar, violins, even saxaphones, mallets, etc…
A waveguide needs a connection to both the filters and osc, before it becomes effective, if i am understanding it correctly!.

Waiting for all these updates, if it ever comes, properly take a couple of years, so we will properly see Halion 9 in year 2077😂, just kidding.

Yes I have a VL1m and would love to have one integrated in Halion, or even as a standalone vst.

yep, a new modern version of VL1 would be great, like with old Dx7 and the new Montage/Halion 7 modern FM synthesis

im not familiar with this, but any good addition that makes Halion more expressive and natural sounding and versatile engine is welcome

This thing called waveguide, is actually what you have in Yamaha VL1, that is responsible for physical modelling, emulating different instrument, like
guitar, mallets, etc…

Actually As far as i know, Halion 6/ 7, should have
a primitive tools for creating fake physical pluck string , emulating, what called a kar plus strong
aproach, by using Halion’s comb filter, then turn up the filter feedback to max, use a short bust of noise
from a oscillator.
I have done it before with different synth, cant remember how to do it 100%, but i will try it today.

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Not finding any combi filter in halion, atleast not the classic one found, in other synth.
Anyway, it was only a tip for creating pluck string sound, but there is actually a couple of delays in halion 6/7 fx section, the trick here is to make a very short noise with the osc and amplitude env ( synth zone section), then apply a delay with very short delay time, and set feedback to maxium, play around with these setting, this will produce a pluck sound, but monophonic and you cant modulate the delay and asign it to the keyboard, because if you could, this would create a more natural pluck string , changing the pitch of string, for each key.
Thats the close we get to fake physical modelling in
Halion, i am afraid🫤.

There is never enough oscillators :sweat_smile:
You can go pretty wild with the resonator effect and/or one of the delay effects with high feedback and short delay settings. Not a replacement for dedicated oscillators, but good fun never the less. Just be careful with the noise levels, as the feedback can go out of control quite quickly. This works also in Retrologue btw.

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Well, its like you talking to me rocket science :smiley:,
im not into synthesis or deep sound programing/design , just tweaking some sounds layering or making basic ones.
i have an old Yamaha Motif ES keyboard with VL1 card expansion, and i like the sounds of the wind and some bowed instruments, although they are not exact sounding like the instruments they mimic, it has some kind of control and feeling when playing live and not programming with key switches etc. that sampled instruments are hard to achieve playing live, and also it has some nice synth sounds. taking this old VL tech to new modern one could be cool addition.
there is an Italian company of audio plugins that have those instruments with physical modeling (cant remember the name) and they sounds pretty good


It’s not rocket science, i am not super confidence in
advanced complex synth programming , but i know my synth😬.

Those italian guys are SWAM Audio modelling, i own
a couple of ios app’s from the company Audio modelling, and their apps are absolut top notch best of the best, their physical modelled instrument is very close to the real thing.


Just look at how well Objekt from Reason is going down, so I’m sure this would be a hit too :wink:

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