Added C6 64bit- reinstall NI komplete?

Hi, I have just installed the 64bit C6 alongside the 32bit version. The former does not see the VST plugins I have installed into the 32bit VST folder, that figures.
Just copying the dll’s into the 64bit VST folder crashes C6 64 on startup, so that’s not the way to proceed I reckon.
Do I need to reinstall the 64bit compatible VSTs (NI says all their Komplete stuff does both host bit-depths) into the C6 64 VST folder? considering the install time that Komplete takes, that is rather tedious… and if that is so, surely I don’t need to reinstall all Komplete content as well?

thanks d.

Yes, take those copied 32bit plugs out of the C6 64bit plugin folder.
Re-install Komplete, and it will give you the option to install the libraries or not, just de-select that option and only install the 64bit versions of the plugins to the 64bit folder and it should work fine.

bingo thanks.