added courtesy accidentals don't sync

I am getting more and more familiar with Dorico 3.1 and am, on the whole, enjoying it very much. However, there a couple of issues that I think you should update for everyone’s convenience. First of all, I have already written to you about the fact that Dorico does not sync added cautionary accidentals, either with “brackets” or not, between score and parts. This is rather frustrating as it means I have to go to the coordinated part or score and add them in separately. Can’t that be handled the way other notations programs do?

You don’t have to add them separately: once you have added them in (say) the score, select the affected notes (you might find it sufficient to do Edit > Select All, then Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords so that only the notes are selected), then Edit > Propagate Properties, which will propagate the ‘Accidental’ property (and any other set properties that can be set individually in individual layouts) to all the other layouts those notes appear in.

I’m currently having the same problem. I followed your steps but unfortunately it didn’t fix it. My accidentals are all quarter tones, could that make a difference? In general I think Dorico is great, and I’m really enjoying the 3.5 updates! Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, Coati. Are you writing microtonal accidentals for transposing instruments, and showing the score in e.g. concert pitch and the parts in transposed pitch? If so, that is probably the nature of the problem. You can search some of the other posts on the forum for the details, but it comes down to the specific combination of divisions required for a particular accidental not being precisely the same when you add a certain number of 12-EDO divisions to the pitch to account for the instrument transposition.

Thank you very much! I was not writing for any transposing instruments. It turned out my problem was just that Dorico was prioritizing different quarter tone accidentals than I wanted to use. So I just created my own 24-EDO tonality system and deleted the ¾ accidentals I didn’t want to use at all, and it worked great!