Added External Instrument Still No Sound

Hello I am trying to add my Korg Triton as an external instrument in 9.5 and it is not working. Here is what I did.

Studio->More Options->MIDI Device Manager->Install Device->Triton(KORG)

In the output dropdown, I chose my MIDI option which is USB Uno MIDI interface and closed the screen. Then I proceeded to add the external instrument.

Studio->Audio Connections->External Instruments->Add External Instrument->From there I named the External Instrument->Associate MIDI Device->MIDI Devices->TRITON.

Okay now here is where I need help as well because I tried it 2 different ways and it didn’t work. The first way I tried by adding an instrument track. Once I added it, I did here any sound from the keyboard nor could I see a signal. I selected an instrument from the program selector field as well but no signal. The other option was to add a VST track but that wasn’t successful neither. I saw some tutorials on YouTube and followed them but they weren’t successful. Is there something I did wrong? Please help.

And which is your audio interface and how did you connect the Triton audio outs to it?