Added Flow not Visible in Page View

I had a theater score with 34 flows and decided to add a flow at the end for Exit Music. I copy pasted notes from earlier into the score (in Galley View). The problem is that in some layouts, notably my Working Layout and my Conductors Layout, the flow does not appear in Page View, only in Galley View.

I have restarted the program and even rebooted the computer, to no avail. Has anyone encountered such a problem and know a solution?

Dorico (917.1 KB)

If you edit the Default page template, which flows are set to appear in its frame chain?

Flows assigned to the layout will appear in galley view, but will only appear in page view if they’re in the frame chain set up on the Default page template, or otherwise drawn into music frames.

Thank you, Lillie.
I so seldom limit flows (as I did in this project) that I have not had to think about that in the past.
Your quick response has been a lifesaver.