[ADDED IN 9.5.0] Enabled/Disabled Tracks - Visibility Agents & Logical Editor

EDIT: Feature was PARTIALLY added in Cubase 9.5.0 (yay!..?). You can test whether tracks are disabled in Project Logical Editor, but you can’t ‘transform’ tracks to enable/disable them through PLE. Please add that, Steinberg!

Echoing one of the recurring feature requests with Cubase 8.5 here…

Please, can we add Logical Editor parameters so custom Visibility Agents could become a reality or at least a way to create Logical Editor functions that could enable or disable tracks based on conditions.

Examples of Visibility Agents you would be able to create:

  • Show All Enabled Tracks
  • Show All Disabled Tracks
  • Hide All Enabled Tracks
  • Hide All Disabled Tracks

Examples of Project Logical Editor processing:

  • Disable all tracks containing the word “Brass” that contain no MIDI data
  • Disable all tracks that are muted
  • Etc… sky’s the limit

For reference, the screenshots show where these parameters would show up if they existed)

Filter Target:

  • Container Type - [is Equal to] - [Track]
  • Property - [Is Set / Is Not Set] - [Is Enabled]

Action Target:

  • Track Operation - [Enable Track] - [Enable / Disable / Toggle]


Especially “Show/Hide Disabled (Inactive) Tracks” would help a lot.
I often disable VI tracks to continue working with rendered audio, both to save resources but also for better overview of what’s going on. I hide those tracks and bring em back only when needed. Automating track views with PLE gets messy when all those hidden tracks start popping up…

yes please put on option to hide disabled tracks, without having to manually select and hide multiple tracks





Just noticed we got Project Logical Editor support in 9.5.0 to test whether tracks are disabled, but we’re still lacking the ability for the Project Logical Editor to transform tracks in order to enable or disable them. Please add it, Steinberg! :bulb:

Is this still the case in 10.5? Thanks!