Added instruments not appearing in desired order (sorting)

They are right where I want them on the player list: Horns 5 and 6 just below 1 2 3 and 4. On the write page they remain at the very bottom however. I have tried the sort button using “Orchestra” “Band” and “None” and the results are exactly the same. Nothing moves.

From the player list I created them just below Horn 4. Why would Dorico assume I want them at the very bottom of the page?

are you quite sure that if you save, close and go back into the project that the horns are still in the wrong position? The synchronisation is not always immediate but I can’t think of a situation where the instruments are permanently in a different order in Write mode.

Or is it possible that the actual instrument has a different name from the player and things have got mixed up there, particularly if you have imported MIDI or MusicXML?

Is a custom player order set in your score layout?

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