Added Song-End action per song - how?

It’s been written that there is a “Song-End action” per song. I can’t find it anywhere in the manual. How does it work?

Menu Song/Song End Action. It can be set to when (last event end, right cycle marker…), and what (continue, stop, next song, start next song).

I don’t understand how it works …
Please explain step by step

Open Songs/Song End Action.
In the dialog, set what you want to happen at the end of a Song: Continue (do nothing, keep playing), Stop (stop), Next Song (goto next Song but don’t play), Start Next Song (goto next Song and start play).
When defines Song End: Last Event End in timeline, Song End Marker, Right Locator (“R” in timeline) or each plus one second.
Now when you run the Song and its end definition is reached (“When”), it will do whatever you set in “What”.

Thank you, it works with Right Locator. But I don’t understand what is the “Song End Marker” or the “Last even end”.
Could you please explain ?

Sorry, Song End marker coming soon. It will be a line (like cursor) in the TRACKs view that you can move anywhere to define Song End.

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