Addictive Drums and Cubase

I have just purchased Addictive drums but I cant seem to record with them, is there a trick to making them work? i can make all the kit pieces have their own tracks, and when I activate the drums they all show as getting signal, but it wont record. There seems to be a master track for the whole lot and that is the only one I can’t get signal to can any one help???

How are you trying to record them? From what? Keyboard or electronic drumkit?

If “all the kit pieces have their own tracks”, that simply means they can be played back on separate tracks in the host, which has little to do with recording, unless you have somehow created a separate MIDI track for each kit piece. I wouldn’t recommend the latter. Recording would normally make a single MIDI track, which would trigger the drums, or be an input to the drums.

Which part of this do you think is failing? Is the MIDI output of your MIDI track set to Addictive drums?

If it is Audio:
You probably have them on an own bus out from addictive drums and on a separate track in Cubase, but you need to “bus” them to a new audio track to be able to record them in Cubase!

I just created a small tutorial about this…hope it helps

Thanks free video, I got ad to work, the problem was I was clicking on the drums with my mouse thinking it would record as it was making the sounds, I guess that is just for auditioning the sounds??? When. Plugged in my drum kit it worked perfectly. I have never seen your method before I will give it a try, I have been converting midi to Audio after the recording process. Thanks again.

Good! Keep on rockin’


I went through your tutorial and it was very helpful in getting AD to route to separate mono busses for each track. I’m using preset drum parts, and I want to record the drums along with all the other audio and MIDI stuff. I did NOT find anything in your tutorial about this crucial last step – getting the drums to record as part of the final mix. Can you help me?