Addictive Drums taking up all tracks on VST Channel Mixer

Can anyone help me, please and thanks. I’ve just bought and installed Addictive Drums 2 as a VST Instrument for my Cubase VST32 and it works a treat. I can add other VST instruments such Pianoteque, VB1, JX1 etc however, when I go to add another of my VST instruments in to my song (SampleTank) I get a message saying ‘no more mixer channels’. When I go into the VST Channel Mixer tracks 1-16 are taken up by a master of the Addictive Drums track (Track 1 and 2 in stereo) and 14 other drum tracks such as ‘Kick’, ‘Snare’ ‘Hi-hat’ etc (which I don’t need or want). As Sampletank normally uses any of the tracks from 1-16 in the mixer, I think I understand why it’s saying ‘No more mixer channels’ (as these are already occupied by Addictive drums) but, for the life of me, I don’t know how to fix or change this. My other VST instruments (Pianoteque, VB1, JX1 etc as previously mentioned) go to midi track 17, 18 etc) so I can use these though it makes it a little bit awkward when mixing but with Addictive drums using Tracks 1-16 I can’t use SampleTank and you can imagine how much I miss and need this!! Can anyone help? I’d be eternally grateful and can give further info if it helps, thanks. :frowning:

I never pay much attention to mixer channels, and I’ve only ever used the original AD… never used AD-#2 … but from what I’ve read about many newer VSTi’s in general is that, some have the ability for ‘Multiple outputs’. To me, it sounds like you have AD-#2 set for Multi-Out. I’d imagine you’d need to go into AD’s preferences and set it for STEREO-OUT, so it won’t take up all your mixer channels.

I wouldn’t know off hand how to change this in AD myself, so you’re going to have to read the AD pdf’s.

Thanks for the suggestion Sync but it appears that AD2 is by default a multi-out instrument. There are no separate “Stereo” and “Multi-Out” versions.
Every channel in the AD mixer can be routed to a separate output, which appears in your host.
Press the downward pointing arrow button, located below the solo/mute buttons on every channel. Select from either Separate Out or Separate Out + Master.’
They (AD) advised me to try using the ‘either Separate Out or Separate Out + Master’ but this hasn’t worked. I just wondered if I could change SampleTank to use different mixer channels but I’m frankly not that IT wise.
If you have any ideas i’d be truly grateful or I’ll maybe try another post and follow the SampleTank potential option. Anyway, thanks a lot for the advice and your time, much appreciated.

I meant that as a possible OPTION, not a separate version by the way. If there is no ‘stereo out option’ … is it not possible to assign every channel within AD’s own mixer, to the same 2 L/R outputs? …say all of them to L/R channels 1 & 2? To not be able to have just a stereo out in some way or another, just doesn’t make sense.

PS, I’m surprised that AD2 even works with Cubase VST 5/32.