Addictive Trigger delay in Cubase 10.5 pro :(

Hi! I have this problem and I hope someone can help me, it has been driving me crazy for a while.
I just completed a clean install of Windows 10 Home and I am running cubase 10.5 pro.
My hardware has plenty of performance for audio recording, mixing etc…
The problem is that when I want to insert the addictive trigger for example in the audio channel of a kick drum (perfectly in tempo) it generates a delay.
The craziest thing is that if I deactivate the ad. trigger, the delay remains EVEN IF THE A.T. IS DISABLED
The only way to get it back to hit in the gird is by activating DELAY COMPENSATION but this deactivates the A.Trigger.
In previous OS installations it worked perfect! only that it started to fail in this way and that is why I decided to perform a clean installation without success as the same thing continues to happen.
Did it happen to someone? is there something i am doing wrong?
I appreciate your help !!!