adding 3dparty vsti in artist 6.5 (new user question)

This is probably a beginner’s question, but I tried Preferences etc and can’t find how I can make my Artist 6.5 find my third-party vsti (see below). It found Iris, but the others are not found…
I have them installed normally, that is in the VstPlugins olders in Program Files and Program Files (X86)

I searched the Internet and someone says to add them manually by dropping the .dll into the Cubase vst folder, but I wanted to get some advice before I try that. I’m probably overlooking something very obvious…


Some programs create their own VST folders, in which case you can navigate to the them via “Plug in Information” in the Devices Menu of Cubase.

Must have overlooked that one!
Folders added, updated and there they are!