adding a audiotrack: weird behaviour for source

I add a mono audiotrack through a preset and the source is designated as Mono In. Works as expected.
But… there are a few files in which I do the exact same thing. Now the source is designated as Left - Stereo In and no signal from the mic is received. I don’t get it. For some reason it doesn’t load the regular setup of this particular preset in a few files. And I can’t change it.
This really has me baffled so if anyone can help…

no signal from the mic is received

Odd. Did you check the input routing? If you imported an audio file using a Track Preset and the track was set to “No Bus” at the input, the new track may also be set to “no bus?” Hit F3 and bring up the mixer’s Routing Rack, or use Channel Settings, and make sure track’s input is not set to “No Bus.”

I checked. I have available Stereo In (Left and Right) and No Bus. Left or Right register no input.
Funny thing is: there are files to which I add a mono audiotrack and the input says it is Mono In. I have other (fewer) files to which I add a mono audio track (through the exact same procedure) and it says the input is Stereo Left (or Right) In.

Are you sure your microphone is working?

Which Cubase version are you using? What interface do you have? What make and model microphone are you using?

Assuming all your equipment is working and connected correctly, you should have mic input on whatever channel you send the Microphone to. Imported Audio Tracks (mono, stereo or other) will play and be sent to Stereo Out or perhaps to a Group Track first.

Make sure the track is being Monitored.

Stephen, thanks for your reply. Yes, the mic is working (on a Mono In track I can hear the input). I have the latest Cubase Pro version. Interface is a Sonar V-Studio 100. Mic is an ADK (don’t know what model). And yes, track is monitored.

It doesn’t seem to be a hardware thing. It’s this weird behaviour of assigning different outputs in different files, while inserting the exact same track type.

Cool. Thanks. I’m not familiar with that interface, I’m looking it over. Looks nice:

I’d re-check your audio drivers and set-ups. If the mic is going into the Studio 100 and you see meters and can headphone monitor the mic at the Interface, you know you’re good to that point.

Re-check your USB drivers in Device Settings and make sure everthing seems right. I’m not sure which driver is best for you to use.

If there’s a Cubase problem, you may have to re-set the program’s “preferences.” When you say ‘different files’ – are these files you’ve imported into

Input and Ouput assignment in Cubase is very straightfoward and it all should work absent some kind of hardware issue, a bad cable (s), broken mic. There are some issue that show up at times in Cubase when dealing with complex Group Track Settings, but this doesn’t sound like that.

If a certain track preset has some very aggressive settings, it might attenuate the Mic signal to a great degree.

Load the tracks clean without any presets and make sure everything is OK, then add tracks with Track Presets. I hope it gets sorted out without too much trouble.

Hit F4 (audio connections) and configure your ins and outs.
Name them something useful like
“mono input 1 front”,
“mono input 2 front”,
“stereo input 1+2 front”,
hit the + sign by the presets pull down, to store that config.
Now when you start from a template and the ins and outs are messed up, you simply press F4 and load the preset you stored.
Then make sure the tracks have the correct ins and outs .
You can then save it as your own template .

@peakae: Bingo! Even though this doesn’t explain the behaviour it does resolve the issue.
Thank you both very much for your input.

Always follow peakea’s advice. :slight_smile: