Adding a bar rest to a new voice

I have two instruments sharing a staff. The top instrument (bass trombone) begins playing at bar 5, and I wanted to add a bar rest in the downstem voice to indicate that the tuba is tacet.

I know it’s Shift-B, “rest.” But even with selecting a downstem voice in note input, I wasn’t able to get the bar rest until I added some dummy downstem notes in the previous bar, and then deleted them afterwards.

Am I correct in assuming I had to put something into downstem voice 1 before adding an explicit bar rest?

If the voice is empty, you won’t be able to input rests this way — that’s what I found trying hard to input them, just as you have.

If you use the Bars and Barlines Panel on the right, Insert Bar Rest works for new voice with no notes in it yet.

Thanks, dbudde! I confess I never use the right panel for this kind of thing. Then this we can call it an “inconsistency”, I’m confident it will soon be solved by the dream team !

Does this option fix this, Dan?

Dear Leo,
No, it does not solve the problem. Even with that option on, if you do
• shift-v (create a new voice)
• shift-b>rest
Dorico replaces the content of the bar with a rest, instead of adding a bar rest.

On the other hand, if you invoke the caret, shift-v and then add a bar rest using the right panel (bars and barlines>add bar rest), Dorico creates the voice with the bar rest.