adding a bar

Greetings. How does one add a bar in the middle of a score? (An old problem: when copying something is left out.)

Thank you,

Eugene Sigaloff

Hi Eugene,
In write mode select the barline or note where you want to insert bars, and enter for instance +3 in the bars/barlines pop-over (Shift-B) to add three bars.

Thank you David. One little problem: how do you activate this? I understand “Shift-B”, the “pop-over” and the “+3”, but then what? I punched in “enter” but nothing happened.

It really should work as David describes, Eugene. You can select anything (a note, rest, barline) before the place where you want the new bars added, then type Shift+B, type +3 into the popover that appears, and hit the Return key to confirm. That should do it!

If adding bar doesn’t work it may be that you haven’t yet defined the meter. It takes a while to wrap your head around the implications (some of which are very subtle) of open meter. I’ve created over 20 scores and/or test cases from scratch using Dorico and this one still trips me up almost every time.

If you haven’t defined a meter then you can’t add a bar? But in either case you can use Insert mode and insert more notes or rests.

When creating a new score, try to add a bar the very first thing. Doesn’t work until you define the meter.

John wasn’t questioning your statement, Dave, but rather responding to the original poster, and asking them if the problem might be as you suspect it is, i.e. that if you don’t have any barlines, you can’t add any more bars.

Thanks for clarifying.