adding a bar

hi guys! Can someone tell me how to add a bar in dorico? THANKS !

  1. Show the caret (select a note or rest and hit Return or Shift+N).
  2. Position the caret in the bar before which you want the new bar or bars to be added.
  3. Type Shift+B to show the bars and barlines popover.
  4. Type +1 into the popover and hit Return.

That will add one bar: to add 10 bars, type +10.

You can also use the controls in the Bars and Barlines panel on the right-hand side in Write mode to add bars.

sorry, but what is “hit return”?


That’s an interesting keyboard: looks like it will handle any language! What language is it for?

As the origin of the phrase “hit return” seems not to be known to the original poster, one should explain that the equivalent on a mechanical typewriter, on which computer keyboards are based, is a lever, technically called the “carriage return” that physically moves the paper back to the beginning of the next line. These often require quite a bit of force, and “hitting return” can be a very satisfying action that overcomes frustrations when writing creatively, one which present day computer keyboards have not yet been able to reproduce, or even simulate! :slight_smile:

It’s the lever hanging out on the left hand side of this machine: