Adding a blank page reset all manual staves position

I have a score almost ready. I have done all adjustments I think I needed to do and now I want just to add the cover. So, I added a blank page in the beginning of the score and for my surprise the text frame I put to simulate a voice label (because I couldn’t insert a line break in it) was out of place. Then I realized all my manually positioned staves in all pages were reset.

This already happened with me another time, when, after doing the adjustments, I wanted to add a text (with Shift+X) and the spacing was automatically changed. The problem is, when something is manually positioned, doesn’t it have to remain in the position?

Here is a short video showing what I’m talking about: DORICO Add blank page problem - YouTube

Yes, I’m afraid this is as expected at the moment: all of the staff spacing adjustments etc. are stored relative to their page index, so when the pages on which systems/staves appears changes, those overrides are removed. We know this is not very helpful and we do intend to improve this in future, but I’m afraid I can’t say when.

@ Daniel at Steinberg
Any news on this?

I notice that luckily inserting a page does not affect the staff indent!
And it seems also as if would not affect all manual staff spacings but the staff spacings occuring after a page insert!
Could you precise what exactly is removed or reset after a page insert?

No, there has been no change on this. Staff spacing edits are cleared when the page index they are on changes, which means that any staff spacing edits on any page following an inserted one will be cleared. Note spacing changes, on the other hand, should not be affected.

I’m working on a small hymnal project and I’m deathly afraid of this. I’m forcing myself to not make many manual edits until the whole project is fully fleshed out. I want to work on it in little chunks, but if I decide to change anything two months from now I’d be cooked. I’m not sure what the solution will be, but I will welcome it when it comes!

Romanos, I have done several hymnal projects over the past couple years, some of them with more than 300 songs. Even with Dorico’s treatment of flows, I personally still find it preferable to make each song its own project and individual file. There are just too many layout factors to consider, in my opinion.

How are you handling lyric baselines?

Not well?

This is one area that is particularly lacking at the moment. Sometimes I fake things and add verse numbers manually in text boxes because I’ve used “wrong” lines to input text. Other times all the text has to be straight up manual in a box (psalm settings where many lyrics can belong to the same note, for example).

I’m still early into this particular project and I’ve been debating on whether or not to keep files separate. I just did my first large-scale project with multiple instruments and multiple flows and started experiencing the program slow down noticeably (compared to my instrumental solo works which are still quite zippy). I can’t say I enjoyed the slow down. That’s the other advantage to keeping things separate.