Adding a Click Track for toggling off/on the click during recording

Dear Cubase team,
Please consider adding a Click Track for toggling off/on the click (metronome) during recording/playback.
For instance, during a recording session if there’s a part in the song that is not sync to a click (no time) you’ll be able to set the click to turn off in a designated area and then turn it back on, that way you don’t need to rely the engineer to do that or if you recording yourself you wouldn’t need to stop the recording!

PLEASE strongly consider it!



It’s been considered…

You don’t state which Cubase version you have but, you can already do this in CB Pro & Artist versions by creating a click track then automating it. Go to Project>Signature Track and choose either the “Render Midi (or Audio) Click Between Locators” option. It will create the click track then you would need to automate the mute or volume parameters as you want.

Also… I suggest that you add your specs to your forum signature. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thx for the reply Prock, BUT I’m very aware of the option to creating an audio click track, (I’m using CB for 18 years). I just thought of a EASY and fastest way to do it.

I assume you want something like the Pro Tools click track? The Pro Tools click track is actually just a audio track with a click plugin on it that syncs to the DAW. It just loads the audio track with the plugin on it when you select ‘create click track’. I googled click plugin VST and this came up. Maybe you will find it useful: I don’t know how it will go with different time signatures and with automated click tracks though. You can try it out and see if it’s any good.

I just press the C button on the keyboard to turn the click on and off but I could see how it would be handy to automate it or to assign it to a fader on a control surface.