Adding a Copyright field in Hub window

Hello everyone,

When choosing"Create New" in the Hub window, how about adding a Copyright field to the choices on the right side (such as Project title, Composer, Page size, etc.)? This would be a useful time saver, especially on the PC, which does not handle copyright symbols as easily as the Mac does.


I have a similar request except in the Project Info window.
The Copyright field exists, but is empty by default.

At the left side of the Copyright field in the Project Info window, there should be small text buttons to insert the desired copyright symbol into that text field.

In all of my scores, I find I have to go to the Copyright field and manually open the macOS symbol-finder window and then search for “copyright” and then find the “(C)” to click & insert it into the Copyright field text area. (Yes there are keyboard shortcuts to insert copyright character, but those keyboard shortcuts are easily forgotten or sometimes remapped.) ©

Some other notation software programs have the “(C)” symbol in the Copyright field by default when new projects are created, so that the editing is easier.

On Mac, you can very easily type the copyright symbol via the shortcut Alt+G. This works in all applications. (Alt+R types the registered trademark symbol, should you need that.)