Adding a crossfade deletes audio

Hello. I’m getting a weird issue where when I add a crossfade to the end of a punch in, it deletes the audio file before the punch in from the editor window and then adds a long fade in to the punched track. It can be when I manually select to add a crossfade from the audio dropdown or when I use the X key command. Any ideas on why it does that and how to make it stop? It did it on 10.0.20 and 10.0.30 now also.

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry I don’t really understand your case.

Could you share a video screen capture, please?

Here is a link to the video file of the issue. I did it with both the key command and manually


I can see there are 3 lanes/layers, right? If I follow your video then I can see, one of the event is cut from left to the position of the left border of the range.

Could you double check please if the Audio event really disappeared, or if it has been cut?

There is a cut on all three layers because it is a punched in spot. When I listen back there is no audio in the space where the audio files disappear and the punched in audio spots fade in to the punch out after adding the crossfade

I think I understand what it’s doing now… I didn’t realize it was using the punch as overlap and when I make the crossfade, it cuts the audio prior to it because it’s technically still attached.

I’ve recently switched from Pro Tools and when I made a punch in PT it would separate everything to separate audio files. Still in the adjustment period… thanks!