Adding a custom Percussion Map to a Playback Template


I’ve created a percussion map for the unpitched percussion instruments in BBC SO Core. It works well when added to the endpoints of the VST hosted by VE Pro 7. Also working well is exporting the percussion map and importing it into new projects.

I haven’t discovered if there is a way to make my custom percussion map persist in Dorico, so it joins the other default percussion maps that are always available. If I can do that, I’m assuming I can then permanently add my perc map to a playback template I created for the rest of the BBC SO instruments and other libraries. That way I can have everything in one PT. I must have missed the tip that shows a better way of applying and saving percussion maps other than importing from a doricolib file for each new project.

I have saved the endpoint configuration of the VST, including the percussion map, and then I included it in the PT, but my percussion map doesn’t stick when I use the PT in new projects, and isn’t available until I import it again. I’m wondering if there is a specific folder I should use when saving percussion maps so it is available to Dorico every time it starts? Probably a basic question, but I appreciate your help.


SOLVED: I was saving Endpoints from within the VST dialog window. I need to (also?) save Endpoints at the bottom of the VST pane. Once I did that, the percussion map was “sticky” and I can load it as part of a PT. Dumb mistake on my part.