Adding a flow

Make a quick piano template : via hub-solo
System break : i get this now only via menu ?

There is now no instrumentlabel assigened ( i got different stave lenghts), but probably when assigning a instrumentname i get all 3 stavelengths the same ?
Now again …the instrumentlabel assigning …where is it
I did it some months ago, but i must be in the setup mode then?
Aha…Layout mode: Staff labels …

In Elements, you have to insert system breaks using the menu option. As there is no Engrave mode, the methods available in Engrave mode in Dorico Pro are not available in Elements.

Yes, there are no staff labels shown by default in the piano solo template, as Leo described in an earlier post.

If you want to show staff labels, you can do so following the instructions I gave you earlier:

Or, you can just remove the automatic indentation of the first system (which is traditionally done in published parts).

Hopefully the more time you spend with Dorico, the more familiar all of this will become.

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Yes, the first step is to add a score framework

@janhardo, Dorico has a great YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on it that demonstrate how many parts of the software work. Taking a few minutes to watch some of the videos might really help you work faster in Dorico.

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@ Romanos401 thanks
That’s a good source to focus of the many parts of Dorico
For now its the setup of a premade piano score.

Unfortenaly, i am afraid what i have asked today here on the forum: default premade piano score can not to be found by me in a video.
Well at least i did not found it in the SE series

For orchestral composing someone is starting with a empty premade score seems to me.
So it must be somewhere in a video explained then?

Its not yet the same as the example score ?
Three equal systems. (staff lines)


In Layout options, Staves and Systems, set “Indent first system of flow by” to 0.

Carlo thanks!
Inspringing (indent)

Ramanos401 thanks!
I will look at it