Adding A Fretboard For Guitar And Bass

Is their any way to add a fretboard into cubasis? As I would love to see a full fretboard for guitar and bass added with retuneable strings. This way guitar players could write on the go using your awesome ipad software.

No ipad daw has this yet, and garageband is very limited allowing only 7 frets with limited effects and no retune.

Thanks so much

As a guitarist using some keyboard, i found your idea 's very interesting! that will be great for guitarist with poor music theory (like me).

That reminds me the old boss dr-5 wich were designed like a guitar fretboard (only 6 frets) :

Thats a damn good shout. Make it so Steinberg.

I think that is a very good idea also. That Garageband fretboard is near nothing. In fact if I was more Internet savvy , I would do one of those +1 things


I use iFretless Guitar and Bass apps for this. They support virtual midi and can control whatever synths you like. Some of the guitar samples in SampleTank are quite nice. Of course via AudioBus and MidiBridge I record both the midi and audio into Cubasis as I play. Putting Ampkit into the effects slot greatly enhances the sound.

I really don’t want Cubasis to become bloated with features that are already provided by dedicated, and cheap, apps.