Adding a handheld touch screen to a dual mon setup?

Considering adding a hand held touchscreen to my dual monitor set up, as a third monitor (hopefully) to do things like control VSTs and mixers.

I am on PC Win 10, with dual monitors

Is it possible?

How do you do this please?

Does Cubase control well?

Are some touch screens better than others (I presume that I will need to run a windows touch screen).

I am making an assumption that you can bring up a virtual qwerty on the screen at any time, if you need to hit enter, or type in the name of a preset to save. Is this true?

If you have done this, does it do much for the endless rounds of pick up qwerty- find mouse- go back to controller- go to keyboard…Does it cut this down?




As long as there is no official touchscreen support, I recommend to use an iPad with the Cubase IC pro app or with Lemur (which also controls VSTi). Touch screens are not properly standardized, so you can easily run into problems such as Cubase becoming unresponsive because you accidentally zoomed in by pinching. This happened with the software we develop at my workplace, where a client used a laptop with touch functionality…

I am not saying it wont work, just that there is a huge risk you invest in a screen that might crash applications that are unsupported.

My 2 cts…

How can I use an Ipad on a windows 10 system as a third monitor? I don’t think this is possible. Thanks for the reply anyway.

You cannot use it as a third monitor, but you can use it as a multi touch midi controller to control the CB mixer and transport (with Cubase IC pro) or even control vsti with Lemur.

It is a solution for what you mentioned in your first post, but if you really need a third monitor, you will need to test different touchscreen solutions as they can give great headaches when not supported by Cubase or other apps on your system.

You can check out the Steinberg session with Stimming (… he uses a touchscreen with stylus…

You could add a dedicated screen with touch support. Cubase is not multitouch so you can only move one fader at a time. I use an iPad with iC pro, mostly for the short cut keys that you can label and use for macros.

Peakae: Can such a screen be a windows pad - these connect over wifi and are not hard wired?

I tried that. It works but there’s a short delay between your touch input and the screen following, so it’s not ideal.

Now that’s interesting Strophoid!
I speculate that as I use a real mixer for faders the Pad option would be OK for other tasks such as changing a patch.

How is this pad monitor set up to work in tandem with the wall-mounted type, my PC is connected to a router via ethernet. How does it recognize the display please? I guess you might need a wifi broadcaster card/usb stick in the PC?

Basic question. I suppose if you have some kind of VST widget on your screen can you call up an on screen qwerty for inputting as required?

I am thinking about something on my lap to replace the qwerty, most of the time…


I can’t remember the name of the application I used for it, but it required the PC and the touch device to be on the same network, wired or wireless doesn’t matter.
I used my Microsoft Surface 2 in my tests. I think you could use the on screen keyboard on the touch device, but it’ll probably have to be the touch keyboard from your PC. I’m not sure how desireable that would be because you can’t really call that up from the touch device easily. I didn’t need the touch keyboard though so I didn’t try that. You’ll have to experiment with it yourself, I’m sure there are some clever solutions possible :slight_smile:

thank you

this might be of interest to you guys:
it supports multi-touch and works as a VST plugin and not as a 3rd party program.

Cubase can be multi-touch with additional software.