Adding a Key Signature in a flat scale

So probably really simple solution. I’m trying to add a new key signature in e flat minor. I go to Write > Create Key Signature, and I don’t know the correct descriptor to use for e flat minor. All I can write is d# because there’s a # on a normal keyboard :slight_smile:

To enter a flat in a dialog use the lower case b. Using the shift-K tool to enter a key signature in Write mode, I can’t seem to get it to enter a minor key. If I type “Ebm” (which I would think would indicate Eb minor) nothing happens. If I enter “Eb m” (space between the “Eb” and the “m” as soon as I hit the spacebar the key signature for Eb major appears (3 flats.) So to get the appearance of Eb minor you would need to enter “Gb” and then you’d get the proper key signature.

Or you can use the Key signature dialog (or whatever the interaction thing is called on the right edge of the Write mode), click the Minor button then use the down triangle to get to showing 6 flats and then drag that onto the score.

Dear dhbailey,

To enter a minor key, just don’t use Capitals. Eflat minor is merely eb.
Hope it helps !

thanks – I just discovered that. Very clever! I thought that I could simply enter Eb by typing “eb” to save a keystroke. Got Eb minor instead of major. Then I came to this thread to let Reubenstein know, and you had already posted it. Thanks!

Another alternative is to enter “6f” or “6b” to get the key signature you want.

thanks guys!

That is inferior if you are actually in a tonal key, as it can’t be as smart about accidentals.