adding a marker track with a command

hi im trying to suss out how i add markers with a push of a button on keyboard whilst the track plays, and if thats possible what command it comes under in key commands as i cant find it. i have added a marker track and can use the pencil tool but yeah was wondering if theres anyway to add markers at a push of a button as the track plays please? many thanks

Hi there

There definitely is a command for insert marker, in my case it is alt-m but I think I changed it from the original, do a search in key commands, I’m not in studio atm so I can’t remember but I’m sure it’s there, I use it a lot

Best Regards, Dave

You can assign a key of your choice to add markers.
I assigned “m” (removing it from the default mute assignment) in the key command editor.
To know a shortcut you can go to the key editor and search for the function you need, then you can see if there is a key assigned to it.

Go to Key Commands

Type in Insert Marker in the search
Add your key command to that function

In the Key Commands Insert Marker is under the Transport Section

legend m8, got it. yeah thats useful with a wireless keyboard, chill on sofa listen to track and click marker when i hear bits that need changing