Adding a Mic and Keyboard

I’ve been using Cubase LE 6 for about a year now on occasion, and I’ve had no trouble using the Focusrite Scarlett Studio 2i2 (which the version of Cubase came with). I have a windows 8 toshiba laptop.

However, I’ve just been given an M-Audio Keystation 61 es, and an AKG D5 microphone. I’ve tried using both with cubase, and had different problems with each.

The M-Audio keyboard connects ok and the sound level monitor goes up when you press a key, however no sound comes out and it won’t record. I’ve tried it on audio and MIDI tracks, and looked in the VST Connections and Device Setup and I can’t figure out how to get it to connect to Cubase?

The AKG mic picks up on the Focusrite interface, and I can hear in the headphones via direct monitor, however when I try to record with it (phantom power on and off) it will record no audio, and when I stop recording, the whole track cuts into a small little chunk of silence. Again, I’ve tried various things but can’t figure out a way to get it to record either.

Any help would be SO appreciated, thanks