Adding a midi device to Elements 8

I connected a Yamaha keyboard with a USB MIDI cord to the computer. Before that I downloaded the right drivers from Yamaha. I am not sure the next steps. I cannot see the Yamaha in cubase. I can’t add it to the buses. What should I do?

A contributing problem: When I open the operating manual, I can search for things, but I cannot scroll. I can’t for example read the whole page with just this information on it. I can see the top when I just using search, but I cannot scroll down to read the rest.

Edit: OK, after I sent off this post I then opened up Halion and now I could see and hear the Yamaha Midi when I played. I could also record. I assume that this is how one brings the MIDI, through Halion. I will read the manual and watch a video I downloaded to get a sense of how I use the Halion. If you have any general tips, please let me know.



To use Yamaha keyboard sounds, add a MIDI Track, please.

To read the Operation Manual, the manual is open in any PDF Reader application. Make sure, your application can do this.

OK, thanks!

Weirdly I can no longer play the Yamaha in Cubase. I haven’t used the option for a while, but now wanted to. Physically everything is set up the same. Perhaps I somehow changed something inside Cubase. I find all the buses, outputs and inputs rather confusing and I hesitate trying myself.

When the Yamaha worked as a MIDI input before, I did not have to do anything. I do remember that it was best if I set up the recording track a certain way - I am pretty sure, for example, it was not via Project, New Track - but I did no installation or setting up input in Cubase.

Now, no matter how I set up the track, nothing.


OK, figured it out.