Adding a new color not being saved

Hello everyone,

I add a new color (untitled color):

I store the color set as default.

Then I close the project, opens it again and the new color is there. But when I open another project, the color is not there.

Why does it only apply to the current project? How can I make it the default set for all projects?

Thanks in advance

The old Project will have whatever Color Pallet was the default when the Project was created.
Use “Reset Color Set to Default” in the Project to have it use the new default colors. This may cause some of your existing colors to change. I believe that Cubase uses the colors based on the position in the color list. So in your example the red Color 1 tracks will stay the same but Tracks colored orange Color 2 will now be the maroon of the Untitled Color. Because of this it is best to add new colors onto the end of the list so it doesn’t cause the other colors to shift their position in the list.


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Hey Raino thanks I tried this now, you’re right about inserting new colors it didn’t work well but when I just edit an existing color and save then I can reuse it

But appending new colors to the end works fine and doesn’t mess up any other colors.

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You’re absolutely right, it would be nice to be able to add colors in between but at least appending works well thanks a lot