Adding A New DMX Device

Is there some trick to enabling a DMX interface to appear in the Devices list when setting DMX output connections?

I have a DMX interface - an old ENTEC DMXIS box. It definitely works. I can use the old DMXIS software to control my lights. However when connect that device to my PC & then try to setup that device in the DMX Connections window, I cannot see my device in the Device drop-down list.

Is there something I need to do to enable my DMX interface to be displayed as a selectable option in the Device drop-down? I cannot seem to find anything in the documentation about how to do that. Am I missing something? This is what my dropdown looks like after I have connected my DMXIS box to my computer:

… which one exactly?


One of the old (bought it 2020) Blue Dmxis units, that came with the now-discontinued Dmxis software…

I have such a blue one too, guess it’s even older. No problem (Windows 11).

And how did you add it to that list? In the Track window?

It’s just there. No DMX configured in Connections; just new project, add DMX track, select (click on) output. Maybe some DMXIS driver is missing? Did you run other software with that interface?

I think your post made it work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, this time round I plugged the DMX interface into the PC before launching VST Live - not sure if that made the difference - but now in the Track Output dropdown list “DMX: DMXIS” appeared in the dropdown list!

Yes, you need to connect it beforehand. VST Live does not scan for hardware changes while running, as this can be a dangerous task. We plan to add a function to manually trigger device change scan.

And in the Connections screen, I am now able to select the device from the drop-down list in the Outputs section. So I can only assume that the interface needs to be connected to the PC prior to launching VST Live. That is logical. So I’ll throw that out as my solution to this particular question.