Adding a new flow in a worksheet


I am making a worksheet and am adding flows. Every time I add a flow, it adds it to the next page and I am trying to get it on the same page. I am able to get it on the same page but I am not sure how I stop a flow from being created on a new page every time. Thank you!

Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows–choose to allow new flow on same page.

Thank you! With the blank pages now from the other flows, how do I delete those?

If you have Pro, switch to Engrave mode and remove page overrides.

If you don’t have Pro, you’ll have to redo that layout unfortunately.

I do have Pro and this worked, thank you. It did however remove all of the text I wrote next the flows. Is there a way to delete the extra pages but keep the text on the page that I have the flows on?

You could remove the page overrides only on the blank pages, not all overrides.

Thank you that worked, however now I am done to one extra page, and on this extra page, the flows are there, and if I delete this one page, it removes the text. I am not sure what to do here?

That’s an unfortunate limitation of text and page overrides. I believe more robust functionality is coming in Dorico 4. In the meantime,

  1. copy-paste the text to save it
  2. create a new master page design with a text box
  3. do a master page change on the page you wish that text to appear
  4. paste the text back in (you’ll still get an override, but it’s an improvement.

Thanks. So basically this over ride will just stay here? I can just add a page after the one I want and keep the extra page, but do the options you list delete this over ride page? Is there any way to copy the entire page, delete everything then paste the page in?

Sorry to make assumptions, but it sounds as though you have not yet got the hang of how Dorico uses frames. I suggest you watch Frames and Moving Music to Different Pages | Discover Dorico with John Barron - YouTube, and also take the time to work through the excellent first steps workbook.

Yes, I have done John’s practice worksheet, but the way that frames are set up as a default to go to another page made things really confusing.


The video was very helpful. I tried to do what John did which was start a new master set. I added my new master set. Then, I added a master set change after page 1, and then this is where I get stuck. I see a new page goes right on top of the initial page 1, it does not go in between like in the video (image attached). I am curious what am I doing wrong here? Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 1.52.49 PM

Could you post a file of what you are trying to achieve?


Could I send it privately to you?

Yes. click my name and then the ‘message’ box.

Just sent it, thank you!