Adding a new musician and layouts

I’m afraid that’s a stupid question, and I apologize in advance.
When I add a new player, this is automatically added to many existing layouts (but not all of them). What am I doing wrong?
Thank you very much in advance.

A new Player should be added to the Full Score layout, and a new Part layout will be created for it.
What other layouts do you have?

I have a complete orchestra already.
If I add one more clarinet for instance, it’s added automatically to the Score Layout but also to the existing layouts of Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassons, Horns and trumpets; but not Trombones, Strings, Timpani and Percussion etc.
Any idea?
Thank you

Is there a possibility that you’ve set up your Flutes, Oboes and Clarinet layouts as Score Layouts, but your Trombone, Strings, Timps and Percussion layouts as Part Layouts?

To the left of each layout there’s a conductor icon for Score Layouts, a music stand icon for Part Layouts and a sheet of paper for Custom Score Layouts. New players are added to regular Score Layouts automatically.

No. Score Layout and parts layouts are set correcly.

Have you touched the filters in the top left corners of the music frames on the master pages? I’ve always understood it as a top-down approach - if a player isn’t assigned to a layout then it can’t appear on that layout’s pages - but it might be conceivable that you’ve set the part layouts to use score master pages, then have filtered specific players to show in the master frame chain.

The musicians filter in the frame of the master page is set to “All”.

Is your file an XML import? We’ve noticed some fancy behavior with xml imports, when adding players to a flow (it would not be added to all flows, as it usually does when the file is purely doricoish)

I must say, that anyway is not complicated to untick the layouts where I don’t want the new musician to appear…
I don’t want to disrupt your whole day.

No it was created from scratch.

Without seeing the project file (with music removed if you don’t want to share) - or a screenshot of the Setup mode panels at least - then we’re just guessing.

In attachment tha sample project.
Thank you
Sample.dorico (835.8 KB)

Hmm. Very weird. Perhaps someone else can figure out why it’s happening.

Deleting the layout and creating a new one fixes it. Or assuming you don’t have many more instruments to add, just select all the layouts and un-check the Player.

Dear benwiggy,
thank you for your precious time.
I can definitely uncheck the unwanted layouts.
No problem.
All the best

I suspect some kind of bug. Scores and parts have different rules for how they respond when new players and flows are added, and in theory Dorico should always ensure that you cannot inadvertently cause the rules for one kind of layout to be applied to another, but there may be some way you can somehow e.g. apply full score layout options to a part layout that causes the part to end up with the full score’s rules for how to respond to new players.

I can probably fix your actual project, Stefano, if you want to send it to me, either in a private message or by email to d dot spreadbury at steinberg de. Unfortunately it’s not possible for you to fix because this is a hidden option that is never meant to be seen by the user.