Adding a new sample to an already loaded drum kit

I have loaded a drum kit into GA4.2, now I have a wav file that I want to blend with the loaded drum kit. So, I dragged and dropped the sound onto one of the unmapped pads.

Doesn’t seem to happen. Am I doing something wrong?


So you wanna add it to an existing sound?
First you should have a look at the sample that’s
already on it. If there are velocity layers, I’d recommend
you to put the other sample on a new pad and trigger it
simultaneously. If there are no velocity layers, you can add the
sample to the existing one. Make sure you drop it in the upper third
of the pad (a plus sign appears at the cursor). When you’ve dropped it there,
go to the edit-tab. There is a button where you can choose the mode.
There should be set “Velocity”-mode by standard. Switch it to “Layer”.
If you now want to make different settings for each sample (amp, filter, etc.),
you have to push the tiny little button with to word “pad” on it.
Now it will change from grey to red and there should be the letters “sel”
(for selective) on it. The button is next to the tiny little “abs”-button on the upper
right of the edit-tab’s main-window.

Another thing that might the problem:

Make sure that you didn’t drop it on a pad (or better
said on a note) that is already in use for a pattern.

Edit: Which Agent are you using? Acoustic or Beat?